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Dr. Slava Discusses Your Guide to Dental Health with DS: What's a CROWN? Why do I need it and How Soon?

Don’t Let Damaged Teeth Steal Your Smile

Damaged teeth can make your day-to-day life extremely uncomfortable. Decay can cause irritation and sensitivity that gets worse over time. Broken teeth can make eating and speaking painful. Severe wear, damage, and cavities that show when you smile can steal your confidence. Some types of damage need more than a filling to repair. Certain types of cavities, cracks, fractures, chips, and missing teeth take a different approach.

With dental crowns, we can stabilize damaged teeth and restore their strength and function. Crowns and dental bridges allow us to replace missing teeth without surgery! At Greenwood Dental, we’re proud to provide custom, premium-quality dental crowns. With our state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, we can restore your smile to optimal health and beauty.

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What Is a Dental Crown?

Also known as a tooth cap, a dental crown completely covers the exterior of a damaged tooth. By replacing the tooth’s exterior with strong, durable materials like porcelain or zirconia, we can restore its full strength and function. It also holds the different sections of the tooth together to prevent worsening cracks that could make the tooth unsalvageable. After root canal therapy, a tooth will become brittle and weak over time. Dental crowns protect a root canal-treated tooth, keeping it strong and healthy long-term.

Crowns are also the final step to replacing teeth with dental implants. In this case, your crown will be crafted to fit over the implant’s abutment rather than a natural tooth. In both cases, dental crowns provide a restoration that looks and functions like your own natural teeth. Dental crowns are often a key part of a smile makeover. Crowns can correct a wide range of cosmetic issues, including discoloration, damage, and wear, while protecting the strength and health of the underlying tooth.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth without involving surgery. A bridge consists of a false tooth (or teeth) fused with a tooth crown at each end. These crowns will fit over stable natural teeth next to the empty space, and the false tooth will fill the gap. Your dental bridge will be custom-crafted to blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth and restore your smile. Because you won’t need surgery or wait for implant posts to heal, a dental bridge is faster than implants. They tend to cost less upfront than implants, too.

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How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost?

Rebuilding a tooth may sound very expensive, but at Greenwood Dental, we are committed to helping you explore payment options that fit comfortably within your budget. That’s why we offer competitive pricing for dental crowns and bridges. We partner with many insurance providers and third-party dental financing companies to help you build a payment plan that works for you. We believe every patient deserves the best possible oral health, and we’re proud to offer comprehensive care options to suit every oral health need, lifestyle, and budget!